Practical Nutrition

What is Mindful Eating?

Simply, mindful eating focuses on developing our awareness of our individual nutritional needs.  AThe Practical Kitchen can teach you how to become self-aware of your personal eating beliefs and behaviours, and identifying hunger and satiation signals.  By educating you to recognise all these things, and reassert your own instinctive understanding of what your body truly needs, you will be able to develop a much healthier approach to food and eating.

Living in a world where so many eating rules are imposed on us from infancy onwards, disordered eating has become the norm, and lies behind many nutritional based chronic diseases as a major behavioural factor.  Mindful eating is one approach that interconnects with other approaches and systems, such as Health At Every Size (HAES) and the Non-Diet Diet, to re-imagine society’s understanding of what constitutes good health and sound nutritional practices.

Heart of the Peak District

Based near Bakewell, in the Peak District, we are perfectly positioned to  meet the needs of individuals, communities and businesses located in the Peak District, as well as being able to work with interested parties in the nearby cities and regions.